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Have you ever heard of the GOP?

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Do you remember the Obama campaign?They were tired of the same old politics,he knew all the problems,he was tired of the corruption,the good ol boys,(after all he was a senator for a few months).Bush..Bush..Bush.He was going to remake our country.His biggest prize was Healthcare reform.

Since ’06 the Dems have been in control of both houses,now the Whitehouse.Since then it’s been we didn’t know it was this bad.Really?We inherited this problem.We know!The stimulus will help control unemployment.It’s now 10%.The stimulus will take some more time.The stimulus is working,but we’re still not out of the woods.Your staff says the stimulus effect will end mid 2010.Money is being used, money is not yet spent.huh?We are looking at another stimulus.Next we are going to throw money at all of our supporters, after that we are going to use tax payer money to buy every corporation we can.Also throw in a few banks here and there,the Fannie and Freddie show also.All the time trying to push Public Healthcare that most of the country doesn’t  want anymore than all the spending. 

Bush has been gone now for 11 mo.Now it’s time for your annual review.You’re response:the GOP won’t let us do it.Really?Thats it?This is’nt high school.Who did you think was sitting on the other side of the isle?Are you people that narrow sighted that  you have not heard the opposition from your own party?You know the people that Ms.Pelosi is torturing in her office.And the people outside the window with all the signs,they’re not cheering you on.When Pelosi is done with them,they get wheeled over to Obama to finish off.Why don’t you take care of all the fraud in Medicare, or can that only be done when you pass healthcare?That was a real knee slapper for me,we have known about this abuse for some time now,we were waiting the right time to use it in our favor.I wonder how the same Gov’t that can’t give people a shot in the arm, is going to give the economy a shot in the ass?

Campaigning is easy,say what people want to here,listen to them cheer.Now the rubber meets the road.


Written by gtmustang

November 7, 2009 at 11:00 pm

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